Night Should be dark

People living where there is a high level of artificial outdoor light at night are at a higher risk for breast cancer and thyroid cancer.

Earlier studies have linked nighttime light to breast cancer, and now a study published in the peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society reports the link also extends to thyroid cancer.

“Melatonin modulates estrogen activity & immune function—both of which can influence hormonal cancers of the breast and thyroid”

Circadian rhythm disruption has also been linked with other cancers.

The take-home message here is that we should protect ourselves from artificial light at night and do our best to mimic the natural rhythms of day and night. Some things you can do?

👍 Get black-out shades to keep your bedroom dark

👍 Dim the lights in the evening hours

👍 Turn off the TV, phones, and devices at least an hour before bed

👍 Keep a regular schedule for bedtime and waking

👍 Get direct sunlight first thing in the morning.

Our bodies and hormonal systems work on a rhythm and respond to our habits and environment.