Hi, I'm Amy Booth, functional nutritionist and Washington native!

I started my nutritional journey in 2012 when I was diagnosed with gut dysbiosis and an autoimmune disease. I was overwhelmed,  desperate for information and healing. I read everything I could and after meeting with countless doctors, found a Naturopathic Doctor who listened and took a different approach to healing. My life was changed! That sparked a love for nutrition and I began to learn how to heal my body through food. In 2015, I enrolled in the University of Colorado, then onto Nutritional Therapy Institute where I studied holistic nutrition. I became a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and needed to learn more. In 2017, I continued toward my Master Nutritional Therapist degree. I enjoy the challenge each case presents as we find the root cause and start the healing process. 

My Philosophy

What is a Radicle? It is part of the plant embryo that develops into the primary root. This is how I see nutrition. Nutrition is the root to good health and my role is to provide you with the knowledge that feeds your body. Radicle Nutrition is about establishing a strong and healthy body through the balance of REAL food and a conscious lifestyle. In the U.S. today, our active lifestyles wear down our bodies. The toxins surrounding us penetrate our defenses and the food supply presents hundreds of decision points every single day. It is increasingly more confusing to try to understand how to support our bodies so we can live the active and vibrant lifestyles that we desire. Even those with the best intentions and dedicated effort will find a time that they need support. I work with individuals to provide guidance and education to support each person’s unique health intentions.

What Clients are Saying

Amy has been an integral piece in the healing of my many digestive issues as well as my food allergies. She took the time to educate me and explained things in a way that was easily understood. You can tell how passionate she is and how much she cares for people and wants to see them get better. I know that healing is a slow process since my body didn’t get this way overnight, but I feel like I now have the tools I need as I venture on this healing journey. One of the things that impressed me the most is her ability to listen and “hear” me. 

Patty S.

Amy has helped me improve my overall health and wellness in a short time. I have experienced improvements in: my weight, my sleep, my overall energy, my GI symptoms, and my vital signs. Amy’s passion for holistic wellness coupled with her breadth of knowledge make her an easy choice if you want to live and feel better.

Scott B.


Amy has helped me restore balance to my gut, sleep, and is helping me with weight loss. I have serious Celiac disease among other chronic ailments.  She has a way of treating the whole body that rivals any other nutritional doctor I have encountered. Her health plans are thorough, easy to follow, and financially feasible. She truly cares about her clients/patients! Since I have been consulting with her, I have met all 6 of my original goals. Her practice is unrivaled. I would recommend her to anyone!

 Kaytlyn G.

Before working with Amy, my body never felt “good” and I was always dealing with fatigue and discomfort. While working with her, she helped me to understand what my body was missing, and gave me the proper guidance I needed to get it. Amy made something that was always a chore to me, easy and maintainable so that I can consistently feel good and comfortable all day long.

Skye W.

Amy is great!!! She taught me to listen to my body, never give up and to keep searching for what my body is trying to tell me. I would not be losing weight without her help and knowledge. The Food Sensitivity Test she recommended was a game-changer!! Progress can be slow when you don’t know you what your body is trying to tell you but when you figure it out it is awesome! Thanks Amy!!

Lisa H.