What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

🌸 Even though it can happen to anyone, IBS is a serious women’s health issue—affecting more women than men and even leading to increased procedures like hysterectomy or ovarian surgery.


“IBS is called a functional digestive disorder because it disrupts gut function without any detectable changes in structure—through exam, imaging, or even a microscope”.



That makes it tricky for doctors to treat because they don’t see anything physically wrong. But anybody with IBS knows that it can tell you how stressful the symptoms can be.

➡️ Gas

➡️ Bloating

➡️ Cramping

➡️ Constipation

➡️ Diarrhea

➡️ Bowel Urgency

➡️ Pain

Here are the basics on IBS:

🩺 IBS is usually diagnosed by symptoms alone (although there is the IBS Smart blood test that can diagnose IBS when diarrhea is predominant).

📋 Conventional knowledge says that IBS is caused by changes in the function of nerves and muscles that regulate sensation and gut motility.

💊 Even though some medications have been approved to manage IBS symptoms, none of them work for everybody.

🌱 Functional nutrition looks deeper to understand WHY those functional changes are happening. Because we want to address the root cause.

Watch for my upcoming posts. I’ll be helping you understand the most common root causes of IBS, nutritional support for the gut, and a simple exercise to alleviate digestive struggles.