Threats to Mitochondrial Health

Feeling your best and optimizing your health begins at the cellular level, or even at the subcellular level—like in the mitochondria! Our mitochondria create almost all of our cellular energy, so if they are compromised then so are we.


Even though our mitochondria can work tirelessly without notice to keep us feeling energetic and healthy, it’s important to know that they are susceptible to damage

If you want to maintain healthy mitochondrial function, you’ll want to minimize your exposure to these potential threats:

➡️ Cigarette smoke

➡️ Heavy metals (like mercury)

➡️ Environmental chemicals

➡️ Radiation

➡️ Some medications (like fluoroquinolones)

➡️ Some pesticides

To sum up this list, pretty much anything that creates free radicals and oxidative stress can potentially damage mitochondria. Part of the reason for that is because mitochondrial DNA is packaged differently than nuclear DNA and is therefore more fragile and less protected.

We also know there is a natural decline in mitochondrial synthesis and efficiency with age. That doesn’t mean you should stop aging! It means you should be even more proactive to support mitochondrial health as you get older.

I’ll be sharing some ideas in an upcoming post all about nutrients and supplements that can support mitochondrial health. See you then!

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