Supplements for an Irritable Bowel

One of the most common recommendations for people dealing with gas, bloating, or other irritable bowel issues is to follow a low-FODMAP diet.

🍏 I agree that dietary changes are powerful for gut health!

While we work on sorting out food triggers and dietary changes, we can also support the gut with supplements. None of this should be taken as medical advice, and it’s always best to work with a healthcare professional. The key is to find the root cause of what is causing the issue and working on resolving it. We talked about root causes in our previous blogs, so now let’s talk supplements. These are some of the supplements I’ve seen to be most helpful for gut healing.

🌱 Peppermint Oil

Enteric-coated peppermint is one of the most researched supplements for an irritable bowel. It contains essential oils that ease muscular spasms and intestinal pain.

🌱 Iberogast

Iberogast is a combination of 9 herbs to support gut health. It was originally popular in Europe but is now available worldwide.

🌱 Digestive Enzymes

Digestives enzymes can be supplemented to help process difficult to digest foods and reduce gas and bloating.

🌱 Probiotics

Probiotics are complicated. They can aggravate digestive issues if there is underlying SIBO, and different strains have different effects. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium may offer some benefit.

🌱 Psyllium Fiber

Psyllium is a source of soluble fiber that might benefit irritable bowel issues (be forewarned that some fibers can make issues worse!). Psyllium is recommended by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology.

Everyone is different! Just because these supplements worked for somebody else doesn’t guarantee they’ll work for you. We like to test for underlying causes and create a customized plan for each person.