Supplements for a Healthy Circadian Rhythm 

Light and dark exposure are not the ONLY ways to influence your circadian rhythm!

There are 2 key hormones that regulate your daily rhythms, and they not only respond to the light-dark cycle but also to the foods we eat and supplements we take.

They are melatonin & cortisol.

The natural and healthy cycle of these hormones goes like this:

☀️In the morning, cortisol rises to make us alert and energized (and melatonin is at its lowest)

🌙 At night, melatonin rises to make is relaxed and sleepy (and cortisol falls to its lowest)

Some people who experience circadian disruption also lose this natural rhythm of hormone fluctuations. Maybe their cortisol stays low all day, maybe it rises at night, or maybe their melatonin doesn’t rise high enough.

There can be lots of scenarios (that’s why we test!), but the good news is that we can use supplements to support these natural rhythms.

For example:

💊 Melatonin can be taken at night to support sleep.

💊 Phosphatidylserine can be taken at night to support a healthy cortisol pattern.

💊 Adaptogenic herbs (like ginseng) can be taken during the day to support the daily cortisol rhythm.

Please consider this info to be educational rather than prescriptive. If you struggle with energy or sleep and want to support your circadian rhythm, please work with a qualified practitioner.

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