Could One Vitamin Reduce Your Risk for COVID?

✨New information on Vitamin D✨

☀️The first-ever study to examine the association between vitamin D status and testing positive for COVID-19 was just published in the esteemed medical journal JAMA!

Now that’s something to take seriously. Here’s what the study found…

👉 The study looked at 489 patients who had been tested for vitamin D levels within the last year and were tested for COVID between March 3 and April 10 of 2020

👉 25% of the patients were categorized as “likely deficient” in vitamin D

👉 15% of the patients tested positive for COVID-19

👉 In those who had sufficient vitamin D status, 12% tested positive for COVID

👉 In those who were likely deficient in vitamin D, 22% tested positive for COVID

The risk of testing positive for COVID was significantly greater in those with likely deficient vitamin D status than in those with likely sufficient status.

Testing your vitamin D levels is as easy as a simple blood test. If your levels are low, you can boost your vitamin D production by spending more time with the sun on your skin. You can also take a supplement. Vitamin D is inexpensive and generally considered safe to supplement up to 4000 IU per day for adults.

👉So should we look for when buying a vitamin D supplement?  Look for USP-verified supplements to ensure potency, and choose soft-gels made with extra-virgin olive oil or organic palm oil. Sublingual vitamin D has great bio-availability because it bypasses the GI tract and gets straight into the blood.

👉Magnesium is crucial in maintaining vitamin D levels; it aids in the activation of vitamin D, and enzymes that metabolize vitamin D require magnesium. But because of chronic diseases, medications and the processing and refining of foods, many Americans get less than the required amount. Newer research says magnesium supplementation should be considered an important aspect of vitamin D therapy, and taking magnesium can reduce the risk of vitamin D deficiency.
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