Common signs of seasonal allergies

I’ve been getting lots of people coming in lately with….

🤧 Sneezing

🤧 Itchy or Runny Nose

😢 Itchy or Watery Eyes

🤕 Headache

🤧 Dry Cough

These are common signs of seasonal allergies, but It’s important to check with your healthcare provider to be sure they aren’t because of something contagious or more serious.

If allergies are to blame, then you can be confident in taking action to manage your symptoms and address the root cause.

One thing that seems to confuse people about seasonal allergies is that there is no ONE season for them!

🌷Spring can kick up allergies to tree pollen or outdoor mold spores.

🌞 Summer is high season for pollens from grasses or weeds.

🍂 Fall is the season for ragweed allergies and can also be a time when mold can become a trigger.

This is part 1 of 4 on a series of posts on seasonal allergies. Next, you’ll discover hidden triggers that can make allergies worse. Then we’ll cover nutritional support and how to allergy-proof your home.

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